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Dog Lift Harness by AMZpets - Support Sling Helps Dogs With Weak Front or Rear Legs Stand Up, Walk, Get Into Cars, Climb Stairs. Best Alternative to Dog Wheelchair

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Manufacturer Description

AMZpets dog support harness was designed to assist dogs with limited mobility. It provides your best friend with the needed boost when standing up, climb stairs, jump into cars and more.

This dog lifting harness is for you if your dog is suffering or recovering from one or more of the following conditions: Arthritis, Difficulties in standing up or walking, Weak joints, Post-surgical rehabilitation, legs, back, hip and joint surgery, Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, CDRM, broken bones, cruciate ligament injuries, bowed legs, spinal injuries, muscle wastage after surgery, Diabetes in dogs, Degenerative myelopathy, Lyme disease. Great in supporting joint supplements for dogs. Ideal assist sling for rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries, lack of mobility or if your dog is simply old aged and needs some extra aid.

FEATURES & BENEFITS - We made this dog lift support harness to make it easier for you to help your dog in the most convenient way possible. The dog support sling comes with adjustable handle straps to make sure that it will fit your height. Soft support pad allows you to lift your dog whenever needed with maximum comfort.

COMPACT & EASY TO USE - Applying the dog support harness to your dog is very simple - just follow the step-by-step instructions as demonstrated at the image on top left side of the page. After use it rolls up for easy storage. A PDF with instructions & tips is sent via email with every purchase.

DURABLE - Designed for a family member, we would never compromise for anything else but the highest quality and comfort possible. This dog lift harness will last for years.

MACHINE WASHABLE - Simply throw the mobility harness in the washing machine, and let it air dry.

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Product Features

AVAILABLE FOR DOGS AT ALL SIZES - Small / Medium / Large / XL slings to fit all canines. Our dog sling consists of 3 main components: Soft lifting support pad, adjustable straps with a handle pad & an extra leash which attaches to your dog collar or chest harness to allow you with better control when walking your dog. GIVE YOUR DOG A LIFT WITH EASE - No more bending down. AMZpets lifting dog harness will always be there to assist your dog, but not at the expense of your health! We designed our dog lift to have ADJUSTABLE HANDLES to maximize comfort. Works for all dog owners regardless of their height. Great replacement to your traditional dog sling carrier when supporting your dog's back legs - with our dog slings you can give your dog rear legs a lift with ease and protect your back while doing so. RESTORE YOUR DOG'S FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. AMZpets Dog Lift Harness was designed to aid dogs with limited mobility support their body weight while standing up, climbing stairs, getting in & out of vehicles and more. This lifting harness is a great solution for dogs suffering from injuries or recovering from one, and makes a great alternative to your car's dog ramp and wheelchairs for dogs. Recommended for dogs suffering from Arthritis or orthopedic problems ?? RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS ?? EASY TO USE. EASY TO CARE FOR. Putting the dog support harness on takes only a few seconds. ? A Step-By-Step Instruction Manual arrives with the support harness. When not in use, our lifting sling rolls up to be very compact, so it is easy to walk around with. When it's time to clean the dog lift - Simply put it in the washing machine and let it air dry. DO NOT machine dry. 100% LOVE IT - OR YOUR MONEY BACK: We guarantee you will love your new dog sling and find it to be very helpful to your dog. If not, simply let us know and we'll process a full refund immediately or compensate you with a brand new lift support harness. RISK FREE - No hassle, no questions asked.